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Improve Profit

At Acorn Petroleum our objective is to make you successful. We can help you do that by reducing your fuel and lubricant complexity and helping you ensure that you are using the best product for the full life cost of your equipment and fleet. Can you afford to ever be “down” due to fluids?

Reduce Costs

At Acorn Petroleum we have many products and solutions that will help meet your objectives. In some cases the least costly item will be right for you, in other cases we will have products that extend the life of your equipment, extend drain intervals and even reduce the cost of replacement of exhaust system wear items.

Increase Productvity

At Acorn Petroleum we want to help you always stay busy meeting your goals, not busy managing the equipment and fleet. We have solutions and products that can reduce your time and effort doing non-productive activates as well as products and services that keep your equipment operating with confidence and reliability.

Reduce Exposure/Risk

At Acorn Petroleum we are well versed in options that can help you ensure you are using products that meet all your OEM specs, have solutions that prevent your people from being exposed to costly interactions with products they are not familiar with and give guidance on regulatory compliance.

Extend Equipment Life

At Acorn Petroleum we have a vast array of products that can meet your specific needs. We are most proud of our products that are designed, tested and certified to functional extend the life of your equipment and fleet. We have the team in place that can provide the analysis to help you decide if using those products will be better for you over the life of the equipment.

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If you’re looking for a dependable supplier of fuel in Colorado that can help you grow your business, look to Acorn Petroleum.

Get in touch with our office in Colorado Springs today to learn more about what we do or to arrange a consultation.


Our experts

Mike Branom

Operations Manager All Locations

809 Erie - Pueblo

Laurie Sanchez

SecureAlert Fuel Card Administrator

112 D Street - Pueblo

Willie Podlesny

Manager Trinidad Location


Brent Buchanan

Manager Cañon City Location

Cañon City

Dan Sutton

Location Lead in Pueblo

809 Erie - Pueblo

Matt Crick

Manager Colorado Springs Location

Colorado Springs, Sahwatch

Joe Roeder

Manager Leadville Location


Garry Hill

General Manager

Home Office - Colorado Springs

Mike Hitchcock, BSME, CLS, OMA-1

Sales and Engineering Leader

Home Office - Colorado Springs

Tom Mousaw

Support for Retail C&G and other direct fuel delivery customers

Home Office - Colorado Springs

Tim Peters

Corporate Safety and Compliance Officer

Home Office - Colorado Springs


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