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About Us at Acorn Petroleum Inc.

In 1956, the Pike Peak region was still relatively underpopulated, but two brothers named Ochs understood the area's potential for growth and the important role that motor vehicles would play in that growth. They pooled their resources and opened a service station called PDQ Car Wash at 529 South Nevada Street in Colorado Springs. The station sold Standard gasoline, a brand that both the Ochs brothers and their customers trusted. This was the beginning of a diversified business venture that would come to be known as Acorn Petroleum.

Nearly 60 years later, the third generation of the Ochs family is still heading the company their grandfathers founded. Acorn Petroleum is the Front Range urban corridor's premier distributor of oil, fuel, chemicals, lubricants and filters. During those six decades, our company has diversified so that in addition to distributing gasoline and fuel in Colorado, we now offer ancillary services such as cleanliness services and quality assurance testing. We also help customers build customized storage solutions and participate in a fueling network with more than 180,000 sites. Seventeen of those fueling network locations are in Colorado along the I-70 and I-25 corridors.

Headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO, Acorn Petroleum has been the leading distributor of oil, fuel, chemicals, lubricants and filters in the Front Range urban corridor for more than half a century. We're highly selective about the products we carry, and we only deal in brands that your customers will recognize and trust like Chevron, Suncor, Frontier, Sinclair and Baldwin.

In addition to direct deliveries and bulk plant and warehouse deliveries, we maintain a fleet fueling network with more than 1,200 locations in the United States and over 220 locations in Canada. We'll perform all the necessary tests on the fuels and lubricants you purchase through us so that you can be confident they'll comply fully with environmental regulations. If you need a fuel or lubricant tank at your location, we can customize one to your precise specifications and install it. We also make fuel-dispensing, lubricant-dispensing and tank-monitoring equipment available to you at competitive prices and with the added guarantee of outstanding customer service.

Trust Our Service

Our business is highly diversified. We work closely with our clients in order to provide them with customized solutions that take into account their product offerings, sales volume and geographic location. Find out more about Acorn Petroleum's value-added products and services by contacting one of the representatives at our office in Colorado Springs today.

Our Mission Is Your Success

We want to be your supplier for the types of products and services that will attract new customers to your business and retain long-term clients. Your success is our success. To that end, we strive to stay at the forefront of the fuel and lubrication industry, and we're delighted to share our knowledge of new products, cutting-edge technologies and leading industry trends with you through webinars, seminars and other events.