Acorn Petroleum, Inc. A History of Delivering the Best

Acorn Petroleum formed in 1959 was a dream of four brothers from Kansas that was based on fundamental principles that we carry today: service to others, commitment, and innovation. The Ochs Brothers, Larry, Harlan, Ken and Don, measured their success by how they successfully helped their customers and community prosper and grow. That dream which began with the first fully automated carwash west of the Mississippi River has emerged as a company sophisticated and technically competent to provide service to some of the world’s largest companies.

Over the many years, Acorn has expanded its reach and scale in Colorado and around the U.S.A. Always striving to assist our customers most reliably and efficiently, Acorn provides the ability to buy centrally but receive locally. Acorn maintains a network of our own warehouses in the communities we serve and have an expanded network of relationships around the country.

Acorn not only has grown in size but has evolved and expanded its technical expertise. With the most recent developments in environmental emission compliance and evolving engine technology, Acorn has invested in products lines that meet these requirements. Acorn emphasizes ongoing training at all levels so that our customers will have the most recent solutions and technology.

Guided by our founding principles, Acorn continually strives to be of service to others where our customers are a name and not a number, is committed to offering the best solutions and products, and embraces innovation by focusing on adopting the latest technology and knowledge. Acorn is committed to Delivering the Best.

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