See the Interactive Delo® Traveling Technology Lab

Motor Heads and Big Rig fans will want to know that:

Acorn Petroleum, a Colorado Springs based and family owned business, will be hosting the Interactive Delo®  Traveling Technology Lab.

The Truck will be in downtown Colorado Springs on Friday evening June 24th . Come to Fan Fest the first day of the the Hill Climb weekend, and experience the Delo®  truck on your way to or from that event. The Delo® Truck will be at Cascade and Pikes Peak in downtown Colorado Springs. Just look for the Chevron Blue and enjoy the experience while you learn critical information about lubricants for diesel engines.

This is the 100th running of this iconic race; while not yet 100 years old, Acorn Petroleum has been helping customers with quality lubricants, coolant, grease and fuel since 1959. Choosing the right product is critical to the life-cost of your vehicle and at Acorn we know we can help you make those critical choices. Correctly chosen products for lubrication in your vehicle is essential not only for performance, reliability and longevity, but also for fuel consumption, which translates directly to profitability. It is important to understand the key considerations in order to make the right choice for lubricant, and that is true for all applications.

With current high cost of Diesel Fuel there is no time like the present to make choices that will increase mileage and improve efficiency. We find most equipment operators are looking for ways to control their single biggest operating expense of fuel economy. One of the biggest ways to improve vehicle aerodynamics and use quality tires inflated to specification. There is another way to improve fuel efficiency, and it is easy to do if you have the knowledge to make good choices with your lubricants. Acorn Petroleum can help you make good choices. The Delo®  Traveling Technology Lab, that we are hosting here in Colorado Springs on June 24th, is open to all in the interested motor heads, and is a great way to build your lubricant knowledge.

The race cars competing in the 100th running of the Hill Climb will all be using every advantage they can get find to be efficient. You can take that same approach with your fleet. Acorn can help you do that.

Working with Acorn Petroleum, using the learning you can expect at the Delo®  Traveling Technology Lab, you will learn how to consider key decision tools in finding the correct product for you particular application. As an example, you can reduce fuel consumption, by reducing friction throughout the vehicle. A critical source of friction is the thickness of the oil. A heavier 40-weight oil is going to create more resistance inside the engine than a lighter 30-weight oil. By changing from a 15W-40 to a 10W-30 oil, you will reduce the resistance of the oil as it lubricates the engine. This positive change happens due the reduced friction which increases available horsepower; as a result less fuel is required to maintain your desired speed. Something as simple as changing viscosity can mean a 1% improvement in fuel economy, and that is just the start of the decisions you can make that will impact your cost of operations.

Chevron has developed a new very sophisticated oil that has all the great characteristics of the DELO you know and love, but actually reduces the cost of maintaining your DPF filters. That product is a story for another time; but we can always tell you about Delo® 600 ADF if you have questions now,

We look forward to seeing you at our event. Just outside the Fan Fest in downtown Colorado Springs on June 24th

The Delo® Truck is an 80-foot, rolling education center. Inside the trucks are interactive and informative displays to help visitors understand the importance of using premium lubricants.

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